printf(“Hello World!”);

Salutations, internet-goer. My name is Brock, and this is my blog, wherein any number of exciting things will take place. About me:  I am currently studying Visual Design at the University of Arkansas (here is my portfolio site), and spend much of my free time dicking around on the internet. These wasted hours will benefit you, the reader, in ways that you are perhaps unable to fathom. I mean seriously, I’m going to go Maxwell’s Demon all over your entropic ass.

So, I hope to update on an almost-daily basis re: things that I think are awesome. Some of these things will be: contemporary art & design, sports that aren’t hockey, gizmos and gadgets, and semiotics and signifiers in pop-culture. So please, sit down, stay awhile. I’ll get you a cup of coffee.

It’s Vader Time!


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3 Responses to “printf(“Hello World!”);”

  1. Heather Says:


  2. johnbrock Says:

    Howdy! You found your way here before I even finished setting everything up.

  3. aunt gayle Says:

    bet I’m the oldest person entering this “zone” — you don’t appear to dick around too much to have done this much work!

    ….enjoyed looking at your art and reading your blog…..

    love you, g

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