Sith Happens.

A few weeks ago I found an adult sized Darth Vader mask outside of my apartment complex. I really can’t put into words the absolute fucking glee I felt when I laid eyes upon it. I’m a lifelong Star Wars fan, though I find I’ve been having a bit of trouble remembering a few particular events from recent years. Regardless, the Vader mask, after a thorough scrubbing, was promptly donned and documented. You can see one result of this photo session in my previous entry. Well, this reminded me of an art exhibit that took place last May, called The Vader Experience. Now, I didn’t have a blog in May, so I’m just going to pretend that this is still vaguely current in internet-time. Just bear with me. It featured some really great artists, including Attaboy, Ron English, Alex Pardee, Mike Giant, and like ten thousand more (full disclosure: slight exaggeration possible.) A few choice samples:


Andrew Bell

Unknown Artist


You can see more images at the Official Star Wars flickr page. Also check out for more info. Now if only I could unleash my latent Force Powers. Or find a TIE fighter. Then I’d be in business. For now I’ll have to settle for James Earl Jones impressions and lightsaber onomatopoeia.


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