The Greatest Commercial of All Time

Created by Nike for the 2002 Winter Olympics, the above commercial is quite possibly the greatest advertisement of all time. It functions less as a commercial and more as a short film — the editing, the music, all perfect. The long jumper –> baby –> snowboarder transition (:55 seconds into the clip) is goddamn sublime. Am I the only one that would happily purchase a DVD filled entirely with advertisements like this? Throw in some other Nike spots, a few Volkswagon ads from the past decade, ESPN’s “This Is Sportscenter” campaign, and you’d have yourself a great collection.
I suppose this is a bit of a contentious subject, so what do you guys think? What’s the greatest commercial of all time? And don’t give me any of that Apple 1984 bullshit, OK? OK.

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2 Responses to “The Greatest Commercial of All Time”

  1. Rachel Says:

    If you enjoyed that, you should watch Baraka or the Qatsi trilogy.

  2. Brock Says:

    Of those, I’ve only seen the first of the Qatsi trilogy, Koyaanisqatsi. And while I thought it was beautiful (and extremely poignant), I also got a little bored. Think I would like Baraka or one of the other two Qatsi movies more?

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