Night of the Living Brock

I find myself daydreaming about zombies far too often. I watch zombie movies, regardless of quality. I read zombie books. I LOVE zombies. So I wondered what it might be like to become a zombie. First, a photoshop (circa 2003):

Zombie Photoshop


Not bad. But it didn’t really capture the anguish that being a zombie must entail. I’m just not an intimidating undead. I mean, Zombie-Me looks like he listens to My Chemical Romance or something equally vile. So then, an illustration:



Zombie Illustration


That’s more like it. I made this drawing earlier today. It’s the first part of a larger project. The final image will be full color and full AWESOME (I hope…) Just wanted to give you guys (my imaginary readers) a sneak peak.


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2 Responses to “Night of the Living Brock”

  1. lex Says:

    the problem is that you must decide which zombie mythology to go with… or make your own??
    bad ass on either account.

  2. Diabolos! « ICONIC/IONIC Says:

    […] above piece was created.  I used myself as a model for the zombification process (which I gave a sneak peak of a few weeks ago), and then fleshed things out (pun intended) using Photoshop and Illustrator.  […]

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