Hans “Naked” Moleman

Mole Rat

The little cutie-pie seen above is the naked mole rat, which is a cold-blooded, burrowing mammal from East Africa. And he has more to offer than his good looks — scientists have recently discovered that the naked mole rat is immune to the effects of both acid and capsaicin (the active ingredient in chili peppers.) The animals apparently lack the chemical Substance P, which causes the feeling of burning pain in humans (and other mammals.) This could have a great impact in the medicinal industry, as it could lead to breakthroughs in our understanding of chronic and inflammatory pain. So the next time you sprain your ankle, don’t forget to rub in a little mole-rat extract. (via LiveScience.)


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One Response to “Hans “Naked” Moleman”

  1. ben carson Says:

    You said this wasn’t like a journal but here you go putting up pictures of your new lady!

    I kid. I think if this thing was less butt-ugly, PETA might be angry about the cayenne-pepper test.

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