The Taming of the Elephant Shrew

Elephant Shrew

This little guy is a new species of elephant shrew (Rhynochocyon udzungwensis) recently discovered in the mountains of Tanzania.  Not actually a shrew (though they superficially resemble one another), it is more closely related to a group of African mammals that include aardvarks and elephants.  About the size of a small cat, it uses its long snout to hunt for insects.

I always find it exciting when scientists stumble across new species, especially mammals.  It’s like meeting a new cousin.  The only thing cooler would be a crypotzoological find — bring me a chupacabra, science! (via the BBC.)


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One Response to “The Taming of the Elephant Shrew”

  1. lindsey Says:

    Or the Cajun equivalent, the Roogaroo, which some New Orleans friends once told me about.

    Online description varies, saying it’s something like a werewolf, only “the Roogaroo, however, can take on just about any animal form, and unlike those movie werewolves, can shapeshift at any time, not just at the full moon.”

    I like to think this means that it could be behind you in the grocery store line buying Funyuns and OJ.

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