This is Called a 2-3 Stooges Zone.

The Pepperdine Poke

The above picture was snapped a few months ago, during a Pepperdine/Brigham Young basketball game. It seems to me to be conclusive evidence that the human skull is doubly useful as a bowling ball. Luckily, Jonathan Tavernari, the Brigham player, was completely uninjured during the play, and somehow, no foul was whistled. Let that be a lesson, I suppose: basketball should ALWAYS be played with the eyes CLOSED, lest something like this happen. Simple logic, really.

UPDATE:  a few hours after I posted this, Deadspin posted a nearly-identitcal article.  Now, I don’t really think they saw this post, but I DO think it’s kind of weird.  Similar (bad) jokes and all…


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