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Thematic Variations

April 15, 2008

All the tubes of the internets are clogged today by the glut of people posting this video of the Super Mario Bros theme as performed by an RC car/row-of-bottles combo. Pretty cool, sure, but there are literally a hundred-million-trillion covers of the Mario theme song on YouTube. So I figured there was no better time than the present to collect all of my favorite Mario theme renditions. Join me after the cut for videos of people with far too much time on their hands. (Real Mario via  Pixeloo.) (more…)


Brawl Stars

March 12, 2008

I’m afraid I have to apologize for the lack of updates this week.  My temporary hiatus can be attributed to one thing:  Super Smash Bros Brawl.  This game is digital crack.  Purchased Sunday, I have already invested 10+ hours of gameplay, and yet I’ve only managed to scratch the surface of what the game has to offer.  It’s just inexorably AWESOME.

On that note, if you have the game and would like to play online, please comment with your Friend Code, and we’ll get our Brawl on.

I Dream In Search Engines

March 7, 2008

The above image was captured using Dreamlines, a program that aggregates Google Images based on a keyword (e.g. “grass”) and then uses the images’ pixel values to create a constantly changing, strangely impressionistic, dreamlike picture. Very curious.

Screen of Fucking MAGIC

February 22, 2008
The above video is a short demonstration of Crayon Physics Deluxe, which recently won the Seumas McNally Grand Prize at the Independent Games Festival. I can see why — equal parts crayon drawing and the Incredible Machine, this game is EXACTLY what a younger version of myself fantasized about. Seeing the doodles take on volume and interact with the landscape makes me all kinds of giddy. Now if only someone would release this thing for the Wii (or the DS, which I guess makes more sense, but which I also don’t own. So there’s that.)

Picture Perfect

February 6, 2008

A few weeks ago I downloaded an add-on for Firefox called PicLens.  It is an incredibly elegant and functional app for viewing pictures — namely, it takes images from a website (such as a flickr photoset or facebook album) and presents them as a zoomable, scrollable “3D Wall.”  It’s really pretty cool.  (Firefox download available here.)

Don’t Smash Me, Bro!

January 31, 2008
Smash Bros GraphicsSmash Bros Graphics

I hate to continually harp on the glory that is Super Smash Bros, but I came across this graphic comparison of the three games side-by-side and couldn’t resist posting it. A common critique of the Wii is that is is merely “two Gamecubes taped together.” That’s clearly BS. It’s at least three or four Gamecubes. Easy. (Via Infendo.)

A New Challenger Approaches!

January 25, 2008
SSBB Complete Roster

Those of you who know me probably know of my undying love for the Super Smash Bros franchise. First published to general acclaim during the twilight of the Nintendo64 era, Smash Bros was built on the concept of pitting beloved Nintendo characters in battle against one another. For the first time, you could find out whether a portly plumber could pummel a femme fatale space mercenary, or whether an oversized ape (not named King Kong) could squash an oversized lizard (not named Godzilla.)

As great as the first game was, the experience was crystallized for its Gamecube iteration, Super Smash Bros Melee. I have almost certainly invested more time in that goddamn game than any other — hours upon hours upon hours of unblinking, unmoving, unbridled joy. And that brings me to the point of this post. The above image purports to be the final character list for the newest game, dubbed Super Smash Bros Brawl. It has been delayed numerous times, but is set to FINALLY be released here in March. I am salivating. Now, there is a really good chance that the image is fake, the product of an overzealous Photoshopper, but I’m willing to suspend disbelief in order to fantasize about videogame characters (I never claimed to be anywhere near cool, mind you.)

If, IF the above image is true, then we are now privy to a number of previously unannounced characters: King K. Rool, Young Link (Wind Waker version), Midna, Baby Bowser, etc, etc. All of these characters would be great additions, though I’m slowly realizing that my Smash Bros. Pipe Dream just isn’t going to come true — Megaman is never going to be in the game, not even in my imagination.