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April 29, 2008

We’re at semester’s end ’round these parts, which means I’m swamped with work all week, hence the lack of posts.  My bad, guys.  However, to prove that I haven’t been wasting my time, I present the above image, which I finished this afternoon.  My last few projects have been a little heavy, what with the zombies and shredded flesh and Wallace Stevens poetry, so I decided this project should be a complete 180.  And really, if there’s anything better than zombies, it’s dinosaurs.  Dinosaurs!  And on top of that, I decided to print it as big as I could, so I am now in possession of a 36″x48″ dino-poster.  AWESOME SAUCE.

Now back to the Final Exam grind.  UGH SAUCE.



March 13, 2008

This is a small sample of a two-page narrative I’m currently working on.  It was a lot of fun to draw.  My art sure has taken a turn for the gruesome lately.  What’s up with that?

Timothy McSweeney’s Complimentary Razorbook

February 27, 2008

Well this is exciting.  Yesterday I received an email from McSweeney’s that contained an offer for a free copy of their upcoming book, Arkansas, in exchange for a short review that is to be published on their website and newsletter.  HECK YES, I say.  I had already been looking forward to the book, considering the dearth of Natural State-related lit, but getting it for free certainly launches it to the top of my reading list.  And thanks to the wonders of the internet, I’ll be receiving the book in my mailbox before the end of the week.  Finally, a little payoff for living in a cultural wasteland!  Now how fucking awesome is that?

My Levitation Creation

February 22, 2008
A dull Friday night for me = a new drawing for you (yes, you!) This is a segment from a new project that I’m working on, the details of which are still a bit hazy. Up until about 30 minutes ago the plan was to do a massive, 34-panel single-sheet that depicted a stylized evolution of man, with the above image functioning as a somewhat incongruous centerpiece, but I’m having second thoughts. I still like the evolution idea, but I don’t think it meshes very well with this drawing. I may change my plan and create a two-page spread that tells a small story around it, instead. Regardless, there are a few things that I’m certain of: It’ll definitely be full-color. And there will be something written on the banner. Also, maybe something growing out of the neck hole? I dunno! A DISTINCT POSSIBILITY, THAT’S FOR SURE.


February 13, 2008


After months of drawing pretty girls, I figured it was time for a change of pace, and thus the above piece was created (click the image to see it bigger.) I used myself as a model for the zombification process (which I gave a sneak peak of a few weeks ago), and then fleshed things out (pun intended) using Photoshop and Illustrator. This was my first go at Illustrator since high school, which proved to be a bit of a challenge, but I masked my inexperience by putting everything into Photoshop and texturing the shit out of it. I know the text is nearly illegible (which was done on purpose) — it reads “diabolos,” which is the Greek root for “devil.” Figured it was appropriate. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a hankerin’ for brainnnnsssss.

The Needle That Sings In Your Heart

February 12, 2008


Today Pitchfork is featuring a retrospective of Neutral Milk Hotel’s album, In the Aeroplane Over the Sea, which turns 10 years old this year. They have a number of indie-rock luminaries discussing their love (or lack thereof) of the album, so I thought I might take the time to remember how it came into my posession, and how it has remained my favorite album for the better part of the past decade.

These were still the nascent days of the internet, before it became ridiculously easy to pilfer any album in a matter of seconds, and as such the discovery of music was far more of an adventure. As a 15 or 16 year old, I would spend hours in the few secondhand record stores that existed in my hometown, obsessively combing through stacks of albums, often purchasing them based solely on their cover art. During this time, my friend Amanda generally served as a musical bellwether, and it was she who first introduced me to Neutral Milk Hotel. If memory serves, she downloaded a 96kb, static-filled version of “Two Headed Boy,” while she and I were hanging out at my parent’s house. I then proceeded to play the song ad nauseum. I had never heard anything like it. The next week, I had one of the record stores order a copy (which was a chore in itself, considering the album was not on a major label, and that the record store clerk was completely unfamiliar with it.) A week after that, I had it in my hands. This came after the initial release, and as such my copy did not contain the lyric sheet that came with the original pressing (and I believe comes with current copies, as well) — only a cardboard insert with the cover art. And God, what perfectly bizarre art it is — the drum-headed girl in the starry dress, saluting in front of an ocean of bodies and wreckage; the motley crew of parading animals on the back; the Victrola-cum-aeroplane — it was all so surreal, yet seemingly grounded in the same alternate past where these things could, and did, exist. It felt as though the album itself was an artifact of a bygone era, hidden away in some cobwebbed corner, waiting to be discovered anew.

And I suppose that aura is a major reason why the album has resonated so forcefully — it’s not just the music, but the entire package, the mythos that comes along with it. Like Loveless, it is more perfect because nothing has come since. It has become something larger than Jeff Mangum, larger than Elephant 6. Even as it has grown in renown these past 10 years, it still feels like a personal treasure to hold and to play. And that’s the way I like it.

We’ll Be Right Back After These Messages

February 4, 2008


No posts today; I’ve been running a fever for the last 48 hours (got up to 103 yesterday) and don’t feel up to it. BRB, ya’ll.

UPDATE:  turns out I have the flu.  Hopefully I’ll feel well enough to resume posting tomorrow.  Fingers crossed!

Night of the Living Brock

January 28, 2008

I find myself daydreaming about zombies far too often. I watch zombie movies, regardless of quality. I read zombie books. I LOVE zombies. So I wondered what it might be like to become a zombie. First, a photoshop (circa 2003):

Zombie Photoshop


Not bad. But it didn’t really capture the anguish that being a zombie must entail. I’m just not an intimidating undead. I mean, Zombie-Me looks like he listens to My Chemical Romance or something equally vile. So then, an illustration:



Zombie Illustration


That’s more like it. I made this drawing earlier today. It’s the first part of a larger project. The final image will be full color and full AWESOME (I hope…) Just wanted to give you guys (my imaginary readers) a sneak peak.

printf(“Hello World!”);

January 23, 2008

Salutations, internet-goer. My name is Brock, and this is my blog, wherein any number of exciting things will take place. About me:  I am currently studying Visual Design at the University of Arkansas (here is my portfolio site), and spend much of my free time dicking around on the internet. These wasted hours will benefit you, the reader, in ways that you are perhaps unable to fathom. I mean seriously, I’m going to go Maxwell’s Demon all over your entropic ass.

So, I hope to update on an almost-daily basis re: things that I think are awesome. Some of these things will be: contemporary art & design, sports that aren’t hockey, gizmos and gadgets, and semiotics and signifiers in pop-culture. So please, sit down, stay awhile. I’ll get you a cup of coffee.

It’s Vader Time!