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March Madness Gladness

March 18, 2008
Hog Wild

The first round of the NCAA Tournament is nearly upon us, and that means that I will be getting little to no work done for the remainder of March.  My school, the Arkansas Razorbacks, have yet again backed into the Tourney, and they are as frustratingly inconsistent as ever. I imagine we’ll be looking at another first round exit, this time at the hands of the Indiana Hoosiers.  That’s not stopping me from filling out multiple brackets, which will allow me to cheer for schools that I would otherwise look upon with complete disdain (yeah, I’m talking about you, Texas.)  Bracket building is a laborious process, one fraught with SERIOUS peril.  This is life and death, people.  Sure, all of the top seeds seem nearly unbeatable, but some (or all) of them will certainly fall well before Final Four weekend.  And there will surely be some unheralded group of scrappy, short, mostly-white kids who somehow eek out a run to the Sweet 16.  But whom?  Right now I’m leaning toward Davidson, but if previous years are any indication, I’m wayyyyy the fuck off.  Only time will tell, I guess.

Oh, and tangentially related:  the Razorbacks were defeated in last Sunday’s SEC Championship game by a team coached by Sam the Eagle:

Dennis Felton Sam the Eagle