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Phoenix Rising

May 27, 2008

I feel bad. Really, I do. You’re out there — the huddled, blog-reading masses — waiting with baited breath for yet another FANTASMAGORIC entry from yours truly. And yet, nothing. Though I promise you, I have my reasons — namely, school and work. Y’know, real life stuff. You’re right, it sucks. Yet here I am. Why? Well, because the picture above was just too badass to avoid. It’s an image taken over the weekend by the Mars Orbiter which shows the Phoenix lander descending to the polar surface of the Red Planet. The Phoenix is on Mars to investigate the (currently) hypothetical existence of liquid water at (or near) the surface. The discovery of liquid water could lead to the discovery of simple life. And, quite frankly, there’s nothing more awesome than ETs, even if they are of the non-moving, petry dish variety.

That being said, I’m back to the grind. I’ll do my best to update this thing more frequently, but I can make no promises. You know me, straight hustlin’ hustlin’.



February 1, 2008

The Spider

As the Messenger spacecraft passed Mercury a few weeks ago, it snapped a number of high-quality images that shed new light on the planet. Unlike our moon, to which Mercury had been previously compared, these new pictures show a number of ancient, dormant volcanoes; massive, sheer cliffs; and a network of fissures that indicate patterns of fault activity not unlike those here on Earth. Also discovered was the formation seen in the above image, which scientists have begun to call the Spider. It is a large, central depression with over 100 narrow troughs radiating outward — a geological curiosity never before seen in our solar system.

The Messenger will pass by the planet twice more before settling into orbit around 2011, and scientists hope that the coming years will reveal information about Mercury’s origin and its strong magnetosphere, a characteristic which is shared with Earth only. (via the Washington Post.)