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Thematic Variations

April 15, 2008

All the tubes of the internets are clogged today by the glut of people posting this video of the Super Mario Bros theme as performed by an RC car/row-of-bottles combo. Pretty cool, sure, but there are literally a hundred-million-trillion covers of the Mario theme song on YouTube. So I figured there was no better time than the present to collect all of my favorite Mario theme renditions. Join me after the cut for videos of people with far too much time on their hands. (Real Mario via  Pixeloo.) (more…)


Mona Lisa Descending a Staircase

April 2, 2008
While putting together a speech concerning the development of 20th Century Art, I was reminded of the above short film, Mona Lisa Descending a Staircase. Created entirely in clay (!!!) by Joan Gratz, it morphs dozens of iconic paintings together, producing a liquid time-line of the development of art (specifically portraiture.) I find it particularly interesting to watch the early, representative faces melt into abstraction. You can really get a sense of the figure in some of the cubist pieces via their juxtaposition to the more realistic paintings. Seeing Picasso’s early self-portrait fracture into Les Demoiselles d’Avignon is surprisingly revealing and inarguably AWESOME.

Alive in Joberg

February 28, 2008
After my last post I thought I might share another video by the director of Yellow, Neill Blomkamp. This short is titled “Alive In Joberg,” and it is an interesting inversion of the traditional Alien Invasion genre. In this case, the extraterrestrials arrive in South Africa circa 1990, their kilometer-wide ships blotting the sky and siphoning energy from power plants through a series of strange, black tendrils. And yet the creatures themselves are forced into the squalor of the South African slums, their equipment apparently so dilapidated that they are unable to leave. They suffer through the daily indignities of the incredibly impoverished, begging for water and electricity so that they might survive. The aliens thus become a canvas on which to project the atrocities carried out under Apartheid.

In the same way that George A. Romero utilized the Zombie to “…criticize real-world social ills — such as government ineptitude, bioengineering, slavery, greed and exploitation — while indulging our post-apocalyptic fantasies,” the Alien could be used to explore ideas of racism, classism, immigration-anxiety, and general social inequity, while at the same time providing the opportunity to make stuff blow up real good. Get on it, Hollywood!

The Shoe Spectrum

February 28, 2008
In 2006, Adidas introduced a series of viral advertisements, which they dubbed the “Adicolor Series.” Released over the period of a few months, each video explores the semiotics of a particular color. And because each video is the product of different creative teams, the end results are incredibly varied. Shown above are my two favorites, Pink and Yellow. The other colors are: Black, Red, Blue, and Green. Black is particularly twisted; I wholeheartedly recommend it.

Screen of Fucking MAGIC

February 22, 2008
The above video is a short demonstration of Crayon Physics Deluxe, which recently won the Seumas McNally Grand Prize at the Independent Games Festival. I can see why — equal parts crayon drawing and the Incredible Machine, this game is EXACTLY what a younger version of myself fantasized about. Seeing the doodles take on volume and interact with the landscape makes me all kinds of giddy. Now if only someone would release this thing for the Wii (or the DS, which I guess makes more sense, but which I also don’t own. So there’s that.)

Lyre, Lyre

February 12, 2008

 This clip features the amazing Lyre Bird, a natural mimic that has not only mastered 30+ bird calls, but also camera shutters, car alarms, and chainsaws.  Better than that Police Academy guy, easy.

Sweet Sassy Molassy!

January 31, 2008
This video is part of a new promotional campaign by EA Sports for the game FIFA Street 3. A good spot in its own right, but I definitely prefer this 2005 Nike commercial featuring Ronaldinho. It takes the same concept (incredible soccer skills via CG soccer ball) but the finished project appears at least somewhat possible:
And of course, Powerade had a similar advertising shtick a few years back featuring Michael Vick and LeBron James, among others. (FIFA link via Adverblog.)

The Dharma Initiative Welcomes You to Season 4! Namaste!

January 30, 2008

FINALLY. Tomorrow night marks the first new episode of LOST in 253 days (not to mention the Season 3 Finale re-airing tonight with bonus information.) Sadly, we’re being shorted half a season due to the ongoing writers strike, but we still have eight straight weeks of LOST to look forward to.

Previously on LOST: Charlie’s dead. The Looking Glass is flooded. It’s not Penny’s boat. Locke saw Walt, has work to do.  Jack’s got a beard and an alcohol problem. In the future. “We have to go back!” Oh man, oh man. It’s on.

LOST, explained in 8 minutes:


And the crash of Oceanic Flight 815 in chronological order and from multiple perspectives:

The Science of Getting Hit in the Balls

January 29, 2008
(via Chase)

Lint Licker!

January 29, 2008
Hilarious ad from Orbit Gum. I wish people would use elementary school euphemisms all the time.

Lakai Fully Flared

January 28, 2008
Gorgeous slow-motion intro directed by Spike Jonez for the skateboarding movie “Lakai Fully Flared.” Things go boom. (from Avenues, via Kottke)

BONUS! More Shoe Advertising!

January 25, 2008
As an addendum to my previous post, here is a 2005 Adidas spot directed by Spike Jonez. The music in this one was written by Jonez’s brother and sung by Karen O (of Yeah Yeah Yeahs fame.) It won two Gold Lions at the 2005 Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, three 2006 Silver Clio Awards, and a 2006 Gold EFFIE Award. Well deserved, I’d say.

The Greatest Commercial of All Time

January 25, 2008
Created by Nike for the 2002 Winter Olympics, the above commercial is quite possibly the greatest advertisement of all time. It functions less as a commercial and more as a short film — the editing, the music, all perfect. The long jumper –> baby –> snowboarder transition (:55 seconds into the clip) is goddamn sublime. Am I the only one that would happily purchase a DVD filled entirely with advertisements like this? Throw in some other Nike spots, a few Volkswagon ads from the past decade, ESPN’s “This Is Sportscenter” campaign, and you’d have yourself a great collection.
I suppose this is a bit of a contentious subject, so what do you guys think? What’s the greatest commercial of all time? And don’t give me any of that Apple 1984 bullshit, OK? OK.

A New Challenger Approaches!

January 25, 2008
SSBB Complete Roster

Those of you who know me probably know of my undying love for the Super Smash Bros franchise. First published to general acclaim during the twilight of the Nintendo64 era, Smash Bros was built on the concept of pitting beloved Nintendo characters in battle against one another. For the first time, you could find out whether a portly plumber could pummel a femme fatale space mercenary, or whether an oversized ape (not named King Kong) could squash an oversized lizard (not named Godzilla.)

As great as the first game was, the experience was crystallized for its Gamecube iteration, Super Smash Bros Melee. I have almost certainly invested more time in that goddamn game than any other — hours upon hours upon hours of unblinking, unmoving, unbridled joy. And that brings me to the point of this post. The above image purports to be the final character list for the newest game, dubbed Super Smash Bros Brawl. It has been delayed numerous times, but is set to FINALLY be released here in March. I am salivating. Now, there is a really good chance that the image is fake, the product of an overzealous Photoshopper, but I’m willing to suspend disbelief in order to fantasize about videogame characters (I never claimed to be anywhere near cool, mind you.)

If, IF the above image is true, then we are now privy to a number of previously unannounced characters: King K. Rool, Young Link (Wind Waker version), Midna, Baby Bowser, etc, etc. All of these characters would be great additions, though I’m slowly realizing that my Smash Bros. Pipe Dream just isn’t going to come true — Megaman is never going to be in the game, not even in my imagination.